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Who We Are

Kindred Birth Companions is a Doula program created by and for Black Doulas working as community birth workers and serving Black families in San Francisco.

Meet Our Doulas



Kindred Birth Doula Coordinator

Bria Donaldson was born and raised in San Francisco and is the youngest child of 3. When she was around 2 years old her mother moved them to the Fillmore District where she has called home for the past 23 years.  Since a young age, Bria always felt called to become a health care physician. It wasn’t until her college years where she became more invested in pursuing a career in Women’s Health. It was at Sonoma State where she dove deeper into learning not only about science but also about the discrepancies that plague our healthcare system, especially among women of color. It was during that time where she vowed to devote her life work to making sure women of color and other disadvantaged groups receive access to proper health care. She decided to turn her anger into action and got certified as a labor and postpartum doula in May 2017. She now works at UCSF as a Clinical Research Coordinator for the Obgyn Department, more specifically in the Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility sector. 

I feel like my reasoning to be apart of SisterWeb evolves every day. When I first joined SisterWeb I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to grow in my career path but over time it has proven to be much bigger than that. I am in SisterWeb to learn and grow as a spiritual human. I am in SisterWeb to heal from trauma. I am in SisterWeb to learn how to release burdens and cleanse my soul. I am in SisterWeb to feel love. I am in SisterWeb to connect and build relationships with beautiful like-minded individuals. I am in SisterWeb to feel empowered and strong as a black woman. Lastly, I am in SisterWeb to take all that I’ve learned and create something beautiful to give to other Black women so that they can feel loved, empowered, strong, and beautiful as well.

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